Siblingship DNA Test

Warm discoveries of lost or unknown siblings reaching out and finding each other. Whether it’s two siblings that share one common biological parent, or both biological parents, Consumer Genetics’ Full or Half- Siblingship DNA Tests can be used for either personal or legal purposes.

Siblingship DNA Tests are designed to determine if two or more individuals have common parents. There are two types of DNA Siblingship Tests for which samples can be analyzed. The Half-Siblingship DNA Test and the Full-siblingship DNA Test.

Half-Siblingship exists if two or more individuals have one common biological parent.

Full-Siblingship exists if two or more individuals have the same biological parents. These services can be ordered either for personal purposes or legal purposes.

Procedure: DNA samples are collected from two alleged (full or half) siblings at-home or at a DNA collection center (participation of any parent is optional, but strongly recommended). The samples are obtained using a cheek swab. Once the samples are received by the laboratory, results will be available within 2-4 weeks.

Conclusive Range: <15% exclusion or >90% inclusion.
Turnaround Time: 2-4 Weeks.
Participants: Two alleged full- or half-siblings, and any parent is optional, but strongly encouraged. DNA test assumes that there is a 50% prior probability of the relationship.